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 1994 - Shelley left Vancouver Island to live in London and pursue a career in fashion merchandising which turned out to be a year of selling clothing and making a lot of incredibly talented friends in the fashion industry. It was with this amazing collective of talented people that her passion for makeup and styling became a professional reality.


1995 -After a year overseas she returned to Vancouver to attend Blanche MacDonald to master the craft of makeup artistry. Upon graduation she would work for several years in film, television and fashion to later be asked to step in front, educating on several cosmetic brands.

2003 - This was the year when she realized it was time to take a break from work and explore another side of the world. For a year she traveled through South East Asia exploring the landscapes, food, fashion, cultures and it was on this trip she would begin to develop her own jewelry brand.

2008 -  Hilliard Jewelry was launched.

2014 - Shelley would close her company to join the exciting new brand Kit and Ace. The first half of the year she spent learning all that was involved in creating a clothing brand. After 6 months she began to develop an iconic jewelry line that would incorporate core elments found in their clothing line.

2016 -2017 She began designing Kit and Aces Lifestyle products creating luxury scented candles and games.

2017 - Present She continues to freelance as a makeup artist and stylist along with developing a new brand  that will launch fall of 2018. She uses her years of knowledge in the fashion and beauty industry  to develop a line that will revolutionize   home fragrance industry. Her goal in everything she works on is giving people the tools they need and want to bring out their best.

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