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It's whats on the inside that counts

Vintage emerald evening gown , vintage necklaces (Value Village) loose rhinestones vintage from New York

Tis the season for amping up the evening attire for all of the holiday parties. It can be very overwhelming, exhausting and expensive finding an outfit for every event. I suggest reviving the old with something shiny! Rhinestone can renew everything but denim, DO NOT bejewel your denim those days are gone for well lets at least hope the next 15 years, but no promises the stirrup pant came back and we all never thought that would happen again.

So give a little life to your wardrobe. Mix statement necklaces with your turtleneck sweater, black cropped pants and some standout heels.

Be comfortable and fabulous by taking a full on party skirt and mixing it with your most comfortable form fitting even cropped , jersey shirt and layering this with a multitude of standout statement necklaces.

If you are a hunter then search your local church/ charity thrift stores and for those that are more pressed for time I suggest the following : Your Mother's and your Grandmother's jewelry box, the sweet old lady next door because you know she has a box of treasures I am sure she would love to share but allot for enough time to hear every story behind every piece when making your selection. If you have even less time than that below are a few of my recommendations from price ranges of $10-$1000 or so . But you are worth it!

Custom Necklace by Alan Anderson

Custom necklace by Alan Anderson

Nordstoms Bauble Bar Scarlett Wrap choker

Nordstroms Tasha Tear Drop Necklace

Forever 21 Rhinestone Leaf Ear cuff

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